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Gathering together in circle is one of the most ancient forms of group interaction.  This circle is based on the Red Tent tradition, where women would gather in the red tent during their monthly bleed (moon time). 

It provides us with an opportunity to sit as equals, connect, listen and speak….or not speak; we can just be.  The Red Tent is a place to share wisdom and celebrate life in it’s many forms, a place for women to be heard without judgement or have someone “fix” things. 

There will be a general theme that will guide our sharing.  Our circle is open to all women who have passed the age of menarche.  


Align you with your soul, your health and your vitality.

£100 per hour pro rata. Sessions can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  

Sessions are totally guided by your needs and they can include one or several of the following:  

  • Self-enquiry using the archetypes for guidance.  This helps change thoughts and emotions which then changes the biochemistry of the body to create health. 
  • Nutritional and lifestyle medicine suited to your unique needs.
  • The Practice of embodiment and meditaion skills to change your body on a cellular level by altering your genetic expression.

The first session will be 90 minutes long and we’ll talk about your health history, beliefs and desires for the future.  During the session we’ll create your health matrix, an overview to help guide you as you navigate a new way of life. You’ll leave with information and practical skills to integrate into everyday.

Follow up session are then arranged depending on your needs.


Beginning Spring 2020. Follow on or my Facebook page