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Hi there, I’m Sally

A medicine woman and priestess-in-training dedicated to your healing journey.

A deep understanding of lifestyle medicine, a decade of supporting women using nutritional therapy and a passion for mysticism has led me here. I help women like you access their own healing power. I love science and I love soul and it turns out science can explain why, when we connect deeply with our soul, we can heal our mind and body. I’ve experienced this myself.  It seems a lifetime ago that I was debilitated by endometriosis and anxiety, now looking back I can see these illnesses were a gift, a pathway of discovery.

As I sought to heal my own body I began to study the healing science, and art, that is Nutritional Therapy.  This became my career and over the last 10 years I’ve widened my knowledge with Functional/Lifestyle Medicine. I’ve always had a connection to spiritual growth and now I’m a Priestess-in-training, studying centuries old Goddess traditions which have deeply connected me to my Soul.  As I’ve practiced ancient ceremony, meditation and movement I’ve moved closer to my authentic self, becoming the person I truly am, and in doing so my body has healed further.

Using knowledge that I’ve gathered during my training and my own healing journey, I mentor and guide women back to themselves and back to health.  I ask them to listen to the answers that lie within and teach healing practices that transform mind and body.  I truly believe that…. As you become yourself you heal yourself. Sally x