How to create a sacred altar at home

I have an altar at home and one at my work space. They’re joyful places where I connect to the Divine.

There are no rules when creating your own altar, think about your spiritual journey and what holds significance for you. 

It could be based upon the 5 natural elements of earth, water, fire, air and space, or a religious lineage such as Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism. An altar based in nature really connects me to the world around me.  My altars are usually based on European Goddess culture or around nature. 

Find a space in your home that you and your family are happy to use. A dedicated place that won’t be disturbed with the daily clutter of life.  It could be as big as a dining room table or as small as a shelf. Whatever fits in with your home. If you have some space around the altar that’s great because you can make yourself comfy and take time to set intention, meditate and reflect.

Once you’ve chosen your spot it’s important to set intention as you prepare the space. Show reverence for your creation, feel the importance of creating a space that’s an expression of the Divine within you and all around you.

The purpose of my altar is to connect with love. The artefacts I place there have special meaning for me. I use representations of Goddess archetypes to remind me of healthy ways to live my life. For instance, if I feel a need for joy and playfulness, I’ll use a representation of the Wild Maiden. If a friend is needing support, I’ll use a symbol of the Midwife to help me sit with her, listen and support. As I connect to and feel the energy of the archetype it will bring up emotions of joy, care, kindness, gratitude and love.

The beauty of the altar is that every time I connect with this space I feel elevated. Even if I’ve sat there reflecting on my shadow side, feeling the discomfort, I always come away with a bit more compassion and kindness. Tapping into those emotions that bring health and happiness.

So, take some time to think about, and then collect, symbolic objects that you’d like at your altar. Physical representations of your connection to the divine. 

Maybe put a candle in the centre to represent love, remembering that light illuminates our shadow. Use nature to remind yourself of the benevolent energy that surrounds us all, constantly creating and evolving. Place inspirational pictures, quotes and images of loved ones, these items will help open your heart.   

Have fun, it’s such a delicious way to create and raise vibration.