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A healthy connection between body, mind and soul is vital for healing.  Ancient cultures knew this to be true.  They healed themselves both physically and emotionally, using nature, meditation, movement and ceremony. In these teachings for self-development we’ll use 8 Goddess archetypes to guide your journey of exploration into these healing practices.

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The Nourished Woman Wheel

Science has revealed the secrets behind ancient healing practices; today we understand that our thoughts lead to emotions and these emotions are the result of chemicals circulating in our body.  Candace Pert PhD called these chemicals “Molecules of Emotion”, which can, for better or for worse, change gene expression.  Emotions such as love, compassion, kindness, joy, generosity, peace and gratitude signal genes to create health promoting proteins.  Emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, shame or disgust signal genes to create disease promoting proteins.

In these teachings you’ll learn about 8 healthy Goddess archetypes which can be considered aspects of our own character. When we embody the healthy archetypes we easily move into to the health giving emotions of love, compassion, joy and peace.  You’ll also explore the shadow side of the archetypes, the aspects of ourselves that trigger the disease promotion emotions of shame, anger, sadness and guilt. You’ll develop skills, both ancient and modern, that are powerful tools for transformation.  Shifting those obsolete thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you and create disease. Replacing them with emotions for health and vitality. As you get to know yourself and love yourself, you heal yourself.

The Archetypes
Soul Voice

Your authentic voice that speaks your inner truth

Wild Maiden

The innocent aspect of yourself that lives for the joy of the day


Your enquiring, exploring, evolving self

Deep Diver

The courageous aspect who seeks the gifts of vulnerability


Your sensual, passionate wild woman


Your inner healer


Your compassionate self who sets boundaries for her Queendom

Wise Woman

The aspect of you who lives with great knowing, without attachment