Getting started with guided meditation

I love guided meditations. They’re a big part of my practice, a treasure that helps deepen my connection to love.

If you’re starting out on your meditation journey, a guiding voice and guiding music will support you as you take your first steps; assisting you as you develop the skills of awareness, focus and surrender. That’s not to say you need to discard guided meditations once your practice advances, some of the most transformative meditations for healing are guided.

I keep my practice varied by using walking, trance, breath, sitting and lying down meditations. Each one brings a different experience. All help me align with the feelings of love, joy and gratitude.

Lying down to meditate can help your body reach a state of surrender. This physical letting go gives space for your body to repair and it can be a gateway to restorative sleep.

Breath meditations help stimulate the pineal gland and the release of melatonin and it’s mystical derivatives.

Walking meditations can help you to step into healthy Goddess archetypes. As you embody the Wise Woman, the Mother or the Wild Maiden you’ll feel her energy within you. This is a powerful way to create positive thought and action in your life.

I’ve found sitting meditations are the best to help deepen my meditation practice. Here I’m able to develop the skill of convergent and divergent focus.

Convergent focus helps us to centre our concentration on a specific point; for example, when we wish to feel a particular energy centre in our body or when we want to direct the healing energy of love to an area of pain or discomfort.

Divergent focus helps move our attention to the space around us. It slows brainwaves from beta (thinking) to alpha (relaxed creativity). It’s also an essential skill to develop as it allows you to feel the powerful energy of divine love that surrounds us all.

Here’s a few links that may help you to begin or to develop your guided meditation practice.

With Love,

Insight Timer

A free app offering many meditations. The calm voice of Michael Mackintosh has been a blessing for clients, family and friends helping to calm busy minds and reach a point of relaxed alertness.

Quantum Light Breath

Voice and music guidance to enable a quantum experience. It helped me release uncomfortable energy blocks (emotions) and opened me up to experiences of unconditional love and connectedness.

Dr Joe Dispenza

If you’re new to meditation start with Blessing of the Energy Centres 1 and Space-Time, Time-Space. I’d highly recommend you get to know his work through his online courses, books and in person workshops, then progress onto his advanced meditations.